10 Reasons Why Outsourcing Makes Sense

  1. Cost Savings - Outsourcing enables your bank to reduce or eliminate costs associated with labor, facilities, equipment, maintenance and overhead.
  2. Reduce the Regulatory Burden - Eliminate the hassle, preparation time, documentation and liability associated with undergoing detailed IT exams and audits required of in-house processing.
  3. Transfer Risk - Outsourcing shifts the responsibility of disaster recovery, data protection, and many aspects of business continuity to the Datacenter and away from your bank and it's Board of Directors.
  4. Reduce Personnel Responsibilities - Outsourcing can eliminate the burden of recruiting, training and retaining qualified technical personnel.
  5. Access to Diverse Technologies - Datacenters must stay up-to-date with advanced technologies in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. By default your bank will have access to much of this technology without the headache and expense of keeping up with the advances.
  6. Focused Growth - Outsourcing allows your bank to focus it's resources on growing it's core business, rather than focusing these energies on processing and protecting data.
  7. Enjoy Local Support - Because the SFS Datacenter is locally owned and operated, fast, personal, face-to-face service will give your bank a level of comfort and service unsurpassed in the industry.
  8. Realize System Efficiencies - Among other things, outsourcing with SFS will allow your bank to eliminate cut-over times, eliminate split month-end processing, eliminate the costs and trouble of staying open after normal business hours, and eliminate the need to perform software and hardware upgrades.
  9. Eliminate Statement Rendering - Outsourcing will allow for the elimination of labor, equipment and facilities costs associated with the constant task of producing and mailing customer statements.
  10. Eliminate Yearend Processing - On December 31st, turn the lights out at 5:00 and go home.
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