Real-Time ATM Interfacing

SFS is aware that many banks desire the efficiencies and security offered by real-time processing. At the forefront of this technology is the ability to offer customers instantaneous access to the actual available balance of their account when presenting an ATM or Debit card. This technology also offers the ability to immediately post these transactions and keep the available balance updated.

For most banks that wish to implement a real-time ATM environment, they quickly find that there is a significant initial cost involved to deploy the solution. The cost of software, broker servers, maintenance, phone lines and disaster recovery often make this solution cost prohibitive.

SFS addresses these concerns by offering our Real-time ATM Interface solution as a Datacenter service. This means that we incur the costs for hardware and software, phone lines, server maintenance and upkeep, and perhaps most importantly; disaster recovery. We also work with most core vendors and ATM switch providers. We provide the easiest and most cost effective way for your bank to take advantage of real-time processing.

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