Check 21 and Image Processing Systems

Today's Currency is Compatibility

The concept of systems integration is more than a lofty goal: it's essential to your bank and ensures that various operational components are organized so that all systems can function cooperatively as one. Deployed in-house or outsourced to the Southern Financial Systems Data Center, our Integrated Bank Environment allows you to assimilate and consolidate all your customer, account, transaction, and processing data from other applications into one centralized database so it can be managed and accessed from one single source. This cohesive structure benefits everyone in your organization from tellers to customers.

Integrated Image Teller

At the first point of entry at the teller station, the items are scanned into the Image Teller System and:

  • Balanced before the transaction is committed, effectively eliminating the need for a majority of your back office proof processing
  • Immediately available for viewing and research for customers AND within the Check 21 POD product for every employee within the bank
  • Transit items are pulled for automatic creation into an X9.37 file for FEDsend
  • Images are sorted and compiled by customer for inclusion into imaged statement production
  • Customer balances are updated instantly providing a real-time environment
  • Provides for electronic remote supervisor overrides
  • Allows electronic printing of official items with integration into a monetary instrument log for required transactions

Remote Deposit Capture

Southern Financial Systems Integrated Remote Deposit Capture provides your business customers with the ability to remotely scan their checks and create a digital deposit which can be sent securely to the bank for electronic deposit into their account. Moreover, the Remote Deposit Capture product allows you to provide your commercial customers with the same leading edge systems and technology as you large regional or national competitors. Images are immediately available for viewing or research. Simple, secure, and feature-rich, the system provides your business customers with the tools to focus their time on doing what is most important to them – running their business.

Document Imaging

Our Integrated Document Manager delivers a single point of access to important customer and bank documents. From your workstation you can scan, file view, print export and archive documents. The Integrated Document Manager stores all your documents in one centralized database so the time and costs associated with document management, retrieval and storage are significantly reduced. Virtual filing cabinets facilitate easy access, retrieval, distribution, retention and disposal of documents. Configurable templates allow you to pre-define the location of all stored documents and create a unique and customized filing structure that maintains the integrity of your records and management policies. A fully integrated document review process allows your bank to not only manage document image quality, but also to maintain the integrity of filing. The dual control functionality of the review process allows an objective user to review previously scanned and indexed documents and mark them as approved or send them back to originator for correction. Integrated OFAC provides full search capabilities on individuals and companies for compliance purposes.

Check 21 Proof of Deposit

Integrated Check 21 is certified for all aspects of Check 21; FedForward, FedReceipt, FedPlus and FedReturn and provides direct support of electronic in clearing receipt, electronic transmission of outgoing cash letter to multiple end points and all exception/return item processing and management.

Fraud Detection

Integrated Fraud Detection is a rules-based, customizable detection system that provides powerful filters and tools to identify, manage and prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions. Match your business needs with the ability to control the administration of suspicious transactions. Powerful signature verification features detect the presence of a signature on personal and business checks and compare these against known reference signatures to identify random and skilled forgeries and prevent check fraud. All transaction items are processed through our Integrated Image Teller, Remote Deposit Capture, and Check 21 Proof of Deposit.


Integrated Statements allow you to take full control of your statement processing by utilizing Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology to allow folder/inserters to verify the correct pages, page count and page order prior to inserting the statements into the envelopes. Integrated Statements supports most folder/inserters and will virtually eliminate the cost of ordering pre-printed statements. Electronic overlays, graphics and disclosures can be produced as the statements are printed. Since the Statement Module is integrated into the system, customer data, name and address information is automatically added to each statement.

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