Core Accounting

Hardworking Features That Count for More

A robust, user-friendly, core accounting system is critical to your bank's daily operations, and Southern Financial Systems Core System helps you increase efficiency in all functional areas of the bank from the back room to the front-line and all employees in between. Powered by SPARAKā„¢ from Harland Financial Solutions, our Windows enabled platform will handle more assets per full-time employee, improve processing time, and increase your overall customer service. This powerful, dash-board enabled system has been chosen by nearly 400 community banks nationwide to provide all the safe, full function basics that are the backbone of any banking organization. Southern Financial Systems provides this Core Accounting System as an in-house system or outsourced to our Data Center.

Our Core System extends your internal resources by deploying additional customer-friendly features that enhance your overall service experience. Features such as name and signature display, past history screens and at a glance listings of all your banking products enable you to cultivate more personal relationships with each of your customers. Independently, these benefits provide isolated gains; when combined, these benefits instantly impact your bottom line making employees more productive and your bank more profitable.

Customer Information File/CIF

Our CIF allows your staff to establish relationships between customers, accounts and household information. From the CIF screen, you can view a complete customer profile on all related accounts, aggregated account totals, and have the ability to launch any of the accounts by simple double-clicking. You have the ability to store over 100 fields of information about customers and non-customers alike and retain a customer's name and address information even after the account has been closed and purged. The CIF information is stored separately from account and household information, which allows your bank to set up relationships between customers and accounts.

Powerful Online Help, Built Into the System

The Core System's extensive online help, coupled with the Windows enabled platform provides a system so easy to use that even new users can immediately utilize the system's most advanced features. The system includes three levels of online help: context sensitive help, dialog level help, and online book help, each developed for specific needs.

Executive Information System/EIS Provides Improved Access to Information

The System's Executive Information System/EIS provides the decision makers at your bank access to the information necessary to make quality informed decisions. Through complete Microsoft Access driven standard reports, fully customizable to your specific needs. With only a click or two you have daily access to all important bank reports. Included in the Core System are hundreds of standard reports along with extensive report writing capabilities that provide you with the complete and accurate information you need to enhance your decision making. The Custom Reporter allows you to print dozens of system fields on one report, perform cross-application functions and sort multiple fields at one time. Ad-hoc reports can be printed, scheduled for automatic printing, or downloaded to multiple electronic formats including ASCII and PDF.

Core Accounting System Components

Customer Information File allows you to establish relationships between other customers, accounts and household information with the ability to set up alternate addresses on a customer or account level and send alerts by email or through your internet banking portal.

Loan Module allows you the ease of accessing critical loan information on the very first customer information window. Messages, payment schedules, customized loan payment schedules, full escrow with automatic disbursements, complete listings of loan collateral including property descriptions and comment fields.

Deposit Module displays critical information such as messages and stop payments on the first customer information window and allows you to view images of checks in statement detail. Statement history is retained for twelve months after cycling and provides a comprehensive DDA account activity analysis

Certificates of Deposit retain statement history for the life of the account. Current and last year interest paid, pay-off and auto-renewal information are at your fingertips.

General Ledger Module includes cost accounting, flexible budgeting and account reconciliation.

Item Processing allows you to view items by branch, officer or account number, as well as view images of checks and aggregate customer totals.

Cash Management tools are available through the Core System and include ACH origination, overdraft protection with sweep capability and repurchase agreements. ACH Origination, ACH Submission, EFTPS and Account Sweeps are also available through the internet banking portal.

Other System Tools include multiple standard and custom report capabilities, financial calculators, customer profitability analysis, asset/liability management, collection system, integration of safe deposit boxes and IRA accounts, security system with mandatory password changes, history snapshots of all changes to an account since it was opened, and the ability to view interest rates for all account types from one convenient window.

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