Southern Financial Services Adds New Email Management and Encryption Services

Southern Financial Systems (SFS) is pleased to announce our new Email Management and Encryption Services. The increased scrutiny from auditors over email management prompted us to initiate this service via the new Southern Financial Systems data center. The SFS email subscription service includes the following features:

  • Email hosting at the SFS Data Center
  • Incoming and outgoing emails are archived securely by individual user
  • Spam filtering, virus and malware protection
  • All email is backed up to our fail-over site hundreds of miles away from the primary SFS Data Center
  • Emails can be checked via Microsoft Outlook, the web, or a smart phone
  • Policy based email encryption making your email GLB compliant
  • End users retrieve encrypted emails via logging in to a secure server
  • Calendar / Task syncing via the most popular smart phones (BlackBerry, Droid, iPhone)

Any bank can take advantage of the SFS Email Management and Encryption Services. Please call us to schedule a demonstration and to learn how this service can benefit your institution.

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